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Applying for places in Church of England Schools

We have lots of children in our congregation and parents often would like them to go to local Church of England primary or secondary schools. This is less straightforward than it seems. All church schools give some preference to regular church goers but each school has slightly different rules. The process for applying for September 2018 will start this term.

1. You MUST apply to Royal Greenwich listing the schools you want your child to be considered for using the online form at for primary or for secondary

2. You must ALSO fill in the supplementary application form for the particular church schools you want your child to be considered for. You will also need to get a letter from Herbert or ask him to fill in a form and you will then need to return it TO THE SCHOOL.

Please allow time for this to be done

The forms usually ask

If you are a member of the church (make sure you’re on the electoral register)

If you help in any way in church (maybe you can start by volunteering to give out books or help with refreshments or the Sunday School

If you attend regularly (often it needs to be at least once a month or once a fortnight)

How long you have been a member (this is sometimes very difficult for us to know unless you have been active in one of the ways above.) If you have come to us from another church you may want to ask them to confirm that. Some schools require three years membership.

We will always answer these questions honestly and to the best of our ability but if we don’t have evidence we may not be able to confirm the length of your membership meets the school’s criteria.

Church of England Primary Schools: link to websites and  supplementary forms

Christ Church Shooters Hill SE18*

St Margaret’s Plumstead SE18*

St Mary Magdalene Woolwich*

St Mary Magdalene Peninsular*

Christ Church Blackwall Lane SE10*

Bishop John Robinson Thamesmead SE28

Eltham Church of England SE9

St Alfege with St Peters Greenwich  

Church of England Secondary School: link to website and supplementary form

St Mary Magdalene Blackheath Standard but moving to the Peninsular*

*These are schools where either children from our congregation attend and/ or members of our congregation are governors. If you would like to talk to someone about any of these schools or the application process, please ask Herbert, Geoff or Pauline.

October 2017