All Saints

Shooters Hill

Herbert Road, Plumstead

London SE18 3PU

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History of All Saints

In 1867 Rev William McGuiness erected a tent where the old fire station now stands and started preaching and holding services. In 1868 he built a tin church on the corner of Cantwell Road and Eglinton Hill.

In 1872 a church school was opened on the current church site.

By writing ten thousand letters each year for several years Rev McGuiness managed to raise the £9000 needed to build a church on the corner of Cantwell Road and Ripon Road which was completed in 1881.

The church was made a parish soon after and continued in use until, in 1944, it was destroyed by bombing.

For a while the congregation worshipped in an iron building in Cantwell Road and then in the church hall which was oppostie the Post Office in Herbert Road .

Finally the congregation collected enough money to build a new church which was built on the site of the old school. It was opened on 6 July 1957.

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